Our School

“The Berryessa Union School District will strive to ensure that all students have the skills necessary to reach high levels of academic achievement, respect self and others, and become lifelong learners.”

Vinci Park School provides a safe and caring environment where everyone enjoys and celebrates childhood and respects diverse values, talents and ethnicity.  We promote a variety of experiences that nurture social, emotional, intellectual and academic growth, which contributes to the development of independent, cooperative and responsible citizens with high self-esteem and a life-long zest for learning.


Vinci Park’s PTA Board is comprised of dedicated parents who are committed to enhancing and enriching the education of our children through successful fundraisers, events and community building. Together we strive to create lasting memories for our children, families, and the community.

About Your President

Our president, Marygrace has been part of Vinci Park for over 10 years. Her daughter Aleena who started kindergarten at Vinci Park, is now in 8th grade at Morrill Middle. Currently at Vinci Park is her son Darius who is in 3rd grade. Marygrace has been serving on the PTA board for the past 2 years. Outside of the PTA, she works as an Accountant for start-up companies. In her free time, she enjoys baking, party planning, and spending time with her family.


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